Snow vs. Ice: A Hibernation Mixtape


As yet another thick coating of snow buries the Northeast and January creeps toward February, it’s begun to seem less like time for sledding and ice skating than time for deep, peaceful, wintertime hibernation. If you woke up this morning to the news of a snow day, we assume you’re going looking forward to some extra moments of sleep. And we’ve got the soundtrack to that nap (or, for the unlucky ones, your day at work).

This Hibernation Mixtape pits snow songs (Side A) against ice songs (Side B) in a collection designed to lull you into vivid, dream-filled sleep. The artists on the tape — Atlas Sound, Grouper, Real Estate, Brian Eno, Kate Bush — may often be odd, but there’s always something magical about their compositions. Let Side A ease you slowly into slumber, while Side B gradually swells to wakefulness. Listen after the jump.