Rate-a-Trailer: The Conspirator


After years of chatter, Steven Spielberg is finally getting to work on his long-awaited Abraham Lincoln biopic, and not a moment too soon, since fellow Oscar-winner Robert Redford already has his own Lincoln-inspired historical drama ready for release. However, Redford’s The Conspirator is less about the former president than the aftermath of his assassination, and the prosecution of Booth’s co-conspirators — specifically, Mary Surratt (Robin Wright — she’s back to going by Robin Wright now, right?). Dreamy James McEvoy will apparently thunder righteously as Frederick Aiken, her lawyer. Reports from the picture’s premiere at last year’s Toronto Film Festival indicated that the movie moves a bit slowly for some tastes, but with the lure of a vintage (and genuine) conspiracy theory, and a cast of our favorite character actors (Tom Wilkinson! Kevin Kline! Danny Huston! Colm Meaney! Stephen Root! Jim True-Frost! And, um, Justin Long), we’re definitely intrigued. Click through to watch the trailer, and let us know if you agree in the comments.

[via Vulture]