The Great American Super Bowl Art Bet: Round 2


Remember last year’s Super Bowl bet between the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art that was inspired by a dare by art writer Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes? Well, the tradition continues! This year the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Art have agreed to a Super Bowl wager of equally daring proportions. What’s on the line? The Milwaukee Art Museum has to cough up Gustave Caillebotte’s Boating on the Yerres if Green Bay loses, while the Carnegie Museum of Art has wagered Pierre Renoir’s Bathers with a Crab on behalf of the Steelers. Click through to get a gander at the works in question and let us know in the comments: If this was battle between the two canvases, which one do you think would win?

The Milwaukee Art Museum on behalf of the Green Bay Packers:

Gustave Caillebotte, Boating on the Yerres

The Carnegie Museum of Art on behalf of the Pittsburgh Steelers:

Pierre Renoir, Bathers with a Crab

[via Kottke]