What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we were totally impressed by this fan-made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles short film. We felt incredibly sorry for anyone who has ever worked at Disney World. We asked ourselves if there was anything we’d tattoo on our private parts in exchange for the actual thing. We were embarrassed by how excited we felt at the announcement of a Lifetime movie based on Price William and Kate Middleton’s relationship. We wondered what the addition of Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego to Facebook means for how much time we waste on there. We broke into a sweat just reading about “My System,” a 15-minute no-equipment workout craze from 1904. We discovered how unappealing a person’s eyebrows look when viewed under a microscope. We were amused by Harry Hanrahan’s “It’s Showtime!” supercut. And finally, we liked Slashfood’s roundup of the ten hottest guys in the food industry — but were surprised by the rather unfortunate looking chef in the number one spot: Ruth Bourdain.