Awesome Infographic: The United States of Beer


For a while, it was periodic tables. But recently, it seems United States maps have overtaken them for trendy infographic supremacy. In the past several weeks, we’ve seen the US of Shame and its good twin, the US of Awesome. We chuckled over the US of Autocomplete. And even the venerable National Geographic got in on the game with the US of Surnames.

As much as we loved all of those, today’s map is undoubtedly the one we’ve all been waiting for. Ladies and gentlemen, The United States of Beer, courtesy of the folks at Houston Press (who also put together the US of Soft Drinks last week). This map is wonderful, but we have one minor quibble: as former Baltimore residents, we’re going to have to stand by Natty Boh as our official state beer, even if it isn’t brewed in Maryland anymore.