Daily Dose Pick: Winter’s Children


Photographer Jim Mangan liberates snowboarding from its commercial shackles in Winter’s Children, a collection of fine-art nudes shot in the back-country of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains.

A former sponsored snowboarder, Mangan became disenchanted with the sport and was looking for a creative way to revive his enthusiasm when he found seven snowboarders willing to take to the slopes on circa-1980s boards, wearing nothing more than boots and colorful wool blankets. Mangan’s grainy 35mm photographs celebrate snowboarding by recalling its origins and capturing its unbridled ecstasy and free-wheeling spirit.

Visit Jim Mangan’s website, watch videos on his vimeo channel, read an ESPN interview, and buy a copy of Winter’s Children


Click through below for a gallery of images from the book.

“The Hike” Photo by Jim Mangan

Alex Andrews, Eric Fernandez, Sean Black, Corinne Richards, Laura Hadar, and Rose Williams Photo by Jim Mangan

Photo by Jim Mangan

Rose Photo by Jim Mangan

Peter Sutherland Photo by Jim Mangan

“The Walk” Photo by Jim Mangan

“Anything for free beer!” – Corinne Richards Photo by Jim Mangan

“When in my life will I ever get to do a naked method over a fire?” – Alex Andrews Photo by Jim Mangan