Artfully Defaced Album Covers


Everyone doodles. In the margins of books, on the program of a boring play, on your best friend’s leg in math class. We rip up napkins, pull the labels off soda bottles, move the eyes from subway posters of Angelina Jolie’s face to subway posters of Vince Vaughn’s face. Destruction, alteration, casual graffiti — it’s all human nature. Enter Deface Value, operated by the owner of Seattle-based used record shop Jive Time Records, which catalogues found and submitted album covers that have been defaced — flayed or covered or drawn on to varying degrees, creating new works of art that may or may not be comments on the albums themselves. Whether you consider record covers to be sacred objects of divine inspiration or fair fodder for the budding artist within, we think you’ll dig these. Take a peek at our favorites after the jump.

Was this defaced by someone who is a 12-year-old boy and also a tsk-ing mom?


If only we could plot the finest part of a woman.

Ghostly affection.

The Very Best of Hitler?

Obviously, George was already a mole.

View even more at Deface Value. [via Spine Out]