Can Chuck Palahniuk’s Big Screen Curse Be Broken?


What’s the worst film adaptation of a book you’ve seen to date? Our apologies to Mrs. ASHTON KUTCHER but a painful version of THE SCARLET LETTER we were forced to watch in high school springs to mind.

Word just leaked that following in the footsteps of FIGHT CLUB and CHOKE, filmmaker KOEN MORTIER will bring CHUCK PALAHNIUK’s HAUNTED, a novel of twenty-three stomach-churning, interrelated short stories, to the big screen.

When you look at Choke‘s weak reviews and limited box office returns, it seems like the best-selling author’s gripping yet graphic work doesn’t translate into audience-friendly films — at least in the theaters (Fight Club made more money from VHS and DVD sales).

Where are those crazy cult fans who like to vomit at readings when you need them?

Check out one of the gory stories from Haunted here, and let us know if you think it has the cinematic potential to break Palahniuk’s box office curse, or if once again, his morbid magic will get lost in film translation.