Pie Charts of Van Gogh Paintings


Arthur Buxton, a UK-based artist, likes to explore new ways to look at things. His color-study pie charts of famous Van Gogh paintings track which hues the famous one-eared man used most — and it’s kind of a bizarre palate. Hey, Van Gogh, ever heard of red? We’re just saying. As Buxton tells our friends at BoingBoing, “I know you lot are fans of new ways of visualizing data. As far as I know, I’ve come up with a novel way of looking at colour schemes. The pie charts are designed to be visually pleasing but also fuction as a colour trend visualization tool. They represent famous paintings, portraying the five most prominent colours in each as a percentage.” Now to test how much of an art buff you really are — can you guess which pie chart refers to which painting?

Be sure to check out more of Buxton’s work (and get the deets on his upcoming London show) at his website.