What Does Your Day-Glo Hair Color Say About You?


Celebrities are always dyeing their tresses one color or another. The normal ones usually keep it to colors that are found in nature on human heads, but then there are those other ones, who like to spice it up a bit. To help you keep up with the madness – and to get you from Patricia Field to Lil’ Kim in 6 steps flat – we’ve created this handy color-coded rainbow chart of celebrities’ day-glo hair color choices. But what do these crazy color choices mean? Do certain types of people choose certain colors? Do certain types of people just choose every color? Find out what your hair color – or the hair color you wish you had – says about you after the jump.

Yes, we used Katy Perry and Gaga more than once. We can’t help that. You live in the same world we do – you understand.

Fire Engine Red

Like Patricia Field, Rihanna and Hayley Williams, you live on the respectable side of Crazy Town. You may have your moments, but people basically like you, and whether you’re a pop star, rocker, or designer, you’ll make a pretty solid name for yourself.

Highlighter Pink

This color is for the unpredictable among us. You may just be into experimentation, like Gwen, or maybe you’re rebelling against/trying to get the attention of a famous father. Or maybe, like all three of these women, you’re just a little bit punk and a little bit pretty. Whatever it is, keep hold of yourself, because for all we know, you could fly off the handle at any time.

Bright Orange

If you rock orange, you’re probably a hero to somebody. All three of our orange ladies, Fantasia, Cher, and Beth Ditto, are forceful personalities with some bad-girl edge, ready to get down and dirty and about to beat you in a fight. Cher may have her manservant do it, but it still counts.

Sunshine Yellow

What do Pam Hoggs, Lady Gaga and Brad Pitt have in common? They’re all pretty damn good at what they do. If you’ve seen Hoggs’ punk 80s jumpsuits, Gaga’s live show, or Brad Pitt’s face, you know what we mean. Congratulations, Goldilocks – you’re a winner.

Grass Green

Green is all about sex appeal with a funky twist. After all, in the Katy Perry/Nicki Minaj/Amber Rose trio, there is quite a lot of booty. And – how do we put this – collaborations with some of the most famous rappers around. But they’re no gold diggers – after all, they’ve got their own green.

Deep Blue

In blue hair, you’re a free, independent thinker, and probably super goofy. Though other people might not quite agree with your choices (right Juliette?), you’re working it to your own jam, so good for you. Warning: if you’re a dude, make sure you’re as good looking as Leto before trying this. Otherwise you’ll just end up looking like Stevo in SLC Punk.

Bright Purple

If we look at our celebrity examples, there seems to be only one thing this color is about: showing some skin. Lil’ Kim, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry are three of the most outrageously sexy dressers to have ever graced the music business. Hey girl, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, and wear the color of royalty while you do.