The Newest Dance Craze for 2011: The Creep

By Emily Temple

Yesterday we posted about the biggest instructional dance crazes of the 2000s, and now we just have to add one more. John Waters himself presents: The Creep! This one is pretty universal, since we’ve all dealt with some creepers in our day. All you do is dress up like a sketchy nerd with a pencil moustache and then dinosaur arm your way into women. Or, as they say it, “let your arms flop ’round like a marionette / pop your knees up and down / and chicken your neck.” Or if you’re Nicki Minaj, just sneak into a boys locker room and see if they feel weird about it. See Nicki Minaj and The Lonely Island perform the creepiest dance craze we’ve ever seen after the jump. And don’t forget to smile…