Report: Kurt Cobain Wrote Rejected ‘Ren and Stimpy’ Song


Picture this: Kurt Cobain, ca. 1992, sitting around in a defiantly ratty bathrobe and chortling along to Ren and Stimpy. The Nirvana frontman was apparently a big fan of Nickelodeon’s grossest (and one of its best loved) TV shows of the ’90s. In fact, according to Billy West, the actor who voiced Stimpy, Cobain even wrote a song for the show. “One day, this scraggly kid came in and said he wanted to write a song for Ren & Stimpy, and it was Kurt Cobain,” West recalled in a podcast for Nerdist. “They [TV bosses] said, ‘Yeah, that’s great’ and they threw it in the wastebasket.”

It’s a fascinating story, but we kind of have to wonder: Considering that Nirvana were already the world’s biggest rock band a few months into Ren and Stimpy’s run, would its producers really dismiss Cobain’s song so casually? And why are we only hearing about it 20 years later? [via NME]