Exclusive: Eric Clapton and the Allman Brothers


Like we mentioned yesterday, last night we got to check out the Allman Brothers at the Beacon. It’s the band’s 40th anniversary this month, and for pretty much all the shows in their annual residency, they’re pulling various friends from the wings to play along. Last night, we watched in awe (and then screamed our heads off) when Slowhand himself, Eric F*cking Clapton, came out to jam. We were probably the only people there sans smart phone, so it’s not like we could tweet “OHMYGOD” and send y’all pictures. So, just a few “yes, we were there” shots after the jump. For our parents, mostly, who are extremely jealous.

Check out those trippy visuals, MAN! Clapton is middle-right with the white guitar.

A little blurry, but look at Clapton go! OK, now puff and pass. Keep it movin’. (Honestly, if last night was what the ’70s were like… It’s amazing anyone did anything besides make rock music and take road trips; the air in the theater was so thick with aging-hippie haze. It was awesome.)

We left after this, which means that we missed the “Layla” encore (DUDE!), but our chaperon was just a little too tipsy to stick around. Maybe we’ll pony up for a look at the show via Moogis, which is a live-stream concert-cast pay-per-view site that’s just launched, premiering with the ABB Beacon shows.