About Last Night: Curious Frog Theater Company's Spring Preview Salon


You might have noticed that last night we failed to do a “What’s On at Flavorpill” post. No, we weren’t just being lazy; we had to cut out early and walk over to the Lower East Side for Curious Frog Theater Company’s Spring Preview Salon at NY Studio Gallery.

The evening of entertainment — a collaboration with the Opera Singers Initiative — was the ideal situation for a blogger with cultural ADD. Over the course of an hour we saw classic scenes from two upcoming productions (Romeo and Juliet and True West) with a multicultural spin, heard three different opera singers perforam, listened to talented classical musicians tackle the flute and the cello, and witnessed two new modern dance pieces, including one that incorporated a video installation. And it was all happening in a gallery. That’s like the equivalent of taking a cultural multivitamin.

Both organizations are doing wonderful things for emerging creative talent in New York and are a great resource for finding affordable entertainment that doesn’t involve PBR. (Unless you’re brown bagging at one of Curious Frog’s shows in parks around the city. Not that we’re advocating that.) Check them out and let us know what you think.