Dreams of Our President's Memoirs


The end of the Obama presidency is the last thing we want right now–but news that Obama just locked down a deal for a post-presidency book means there’s least one good thing about Obama’s time being up in eight (!) years. As part of a deal to abridge “Dreams From My Father” for young adult readers, Obama has also committed to a non-fiction book about his time in the White House.

While we never read Bill Clinton’s “My Life,” the prospect of reading a presidential memoir in the “life 2.0” era from a president who not only revived popular faith in government, but who also had to deal with meeting the Jonas Brothers at least twice, makes us pray book publishers are still around in ten years (and that it’s as big as Clinton’s paperweight of an autobiography).

(By the way, our advice for the PG version of “Dreams From My Father”: Take out the foul language, but leave in your experiments in youth–future YA readers shouldn’t get a sugarcoated version of our audacious president).