Glenn Beck Collaborates with Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sort Of


Glenn Beck is a cultured guy, y’all. A few weeks ago, he had many thoughts (and feelings!) about Julie Taymor’s Spider-Man musical. And now, the man who taught John Boehner that neat crying trick (right?) has shocked the world by collaborating with radical leftist Canadian post-rock band Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Okay, maybe neither the band nor Beck actually knows about said collaboration because really someone simply realized that if you play a certain part of Godspeed’s “Moya” at the same time as one of Beck’s rants about Egypt, the resulting “song” is oddly epic. Press play on both YouTube videos after the jump to experience it for yourself. And then just keep listening after Glenn Beck shuts up and remind yourself of how incredible Godspeed can be.

Incredibly, the above mash-up is not even the only version of Glenn Beck vs. Godspeed. Listen to another one here.

[via The Awl]