The Choicest Eats: Glechik for the Win!


After some serious deliberation here in the office — followed by, naturally, some serious drooling, we’ve picked a winner for our Choice Eats contest… Congratulations and a big fat buen provecho to Lisa, who will be heading to the Village Voice’s second-annual Choice Eats restaurant round-up with a guest, on us. She hipped us to Cafe Glechik in Brighton Beach:

“If you love Ukrainian-Russian babushky with attitudes AND dumplings — run. Serving up vareniki & pelmeni : both are dumplings, differing in that vareniki traditionally have a sweet filling <my fav: sweet cheese> – pelmeni w/savory center <i.e. chicken/potato/mushroom> All hand made by a robust lady who knows what’s tasty in back. Make sure to add vinegar and sour cream and OMGDelicious. just sayin.”

She very narrowly won over Ana, who gushed about the awesome Mexican food at Chavella’s in Prospect/Crown Heights. But no one in the office had been to Glenchik, so the prize goes to Lisa! Congrats to this Coney Island baby. We’ll email you ticket details early Monday! (Right now, we’re starving after all this Choice Eats talk, and need to go get some dinner.)