A Very Indie Spring Break [Photo Gallery]


We know: You thought by today we would have stopped moaning about the fact that we’re not at the SXSW Festival. We did too! And then our photographer friend Nate “Igor” Smith of drivenbyboredom.com sent us a zip file that sent us spiraling back to where we were on Monday — a photo set from Austin that confirmed two things that we’d been fearing all along. 1. If we ever do get to go to SXSW, we might be too old. 2. It might the only place on earth where our daytime drinking skills could ever be fully taken advantage of. Sigh. Alright, enough bellyaching. We’re going to crank the heat up and chug a Mountain Dew and pretend we’re strolling around Austin slurping down a marg. You, check out our SXSW 2009 photo gallery (which includes snaps of scores of bearded altbros, a dude wearing leggings, and Eugene Mirman!) here.

P.S. We know that’s not her point, but this intel makes us think that SXSW might be a good place for groupies to boyfriend shop.