Ultimate Celebrity Twitter Guide


MTV blog Buzzworthy posted their “ultimate guide” to following “celebs” on Twitter. Did you notice how we busted out the quotes there? Yeah, it’s because we think they’re wrong on a few counts. Sure, they rightfully pointed us to Snoop, Diddy, and Lily Allen. But who cares about the Disney tweens (Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and some other Jonas Brother-girlfriend)? We add a few, take a few, and offer our own guide, after the jump.

First, the paring down:

Heidi & Spencer because we don’t have that much patience. It’s bad enough to have to see them staring vacantly at us from US Weekly covers when we’re at the drug store checkout.

Solange Knowles because we don’t care.

Katy Perry & Lady Gaga because we need to believe neither one exists, as much as possible.

Dave Matthews & LeAnn Rimes because…snore…

Bjork because hers are really incoherent and sucky. And not incoherent in a cute Bjork-y way.

OK, now: a helpful list of Flavorwire-approved celebrity/musician Twitter fiends! Follow!

Ted Leo

Neil Diamond (because how could you NOT follow Neil Diamond?!)

Semi Precious Weapons (think we like their Twitter stream more than their music)

Jay Brannan (too cute. And just so like us.)


John Hodgman

Rainn Wilson

Lady Sov (we’ll take this lady over Gaga any day)

A-Trak (haha he had BBQ with Solange at SXSW!)

Kid Sister (she’s really awesome with the @ replies)

Calexico (not daily updates, but thoughtful ones)

Christopher Walken (we don’t care if this isn’t really him)

Jonathan Ross (because he got Russell Brand to sign up)

Amanda Palmer (she posts a LOT of pictures)

Little Boots (because she’s just adorable)


Calvin Harris (he’s really sick right now. But still performing in Austin)

Nick Cave

David Lynch

Trent Reznor (very prolific)

Q-Tip (another one that’s quick on the @ replies)

Colin Meloy

?uestlove (his Twitter bio: “warning you now. to add me on your phone is to pay ALOT of money. don’t do it.”)

Willie Nelson (see: Neil Diamond)

OK crew, who’d we leave out? Hip us to your favorites in the comments.