The March Madness of Digital Design


If you live in New York and you’ve been keeping on top of your Flavorpill newsletters, then you already know that this Saturday night the annual Cut&Paste Digital Design Tour lands at Webster Hall. (If not, we’re disappointed in you. And so is your mother.) You might also remember Cut&Paste from the interview we ran last month with founder John Fiorelli.

According to John, one goal of the 16-city, global competition is to help educate the public about the perspiration that goes into good design: “We think learning more about what designers do as part of their process — deliberation, research, experimentation, iteration and technique — would help clients be better collaborators while leading better projects.” And this year’s edition brings both 3D and motion-design categories into play along with the 2D, which means that more up and coming designers than ever are going to get some much needed exposure — in this economy, it’s hard out there for a design pimp.

If you’re not in NYC, don’t despair; you can watch a live Webcast of the competition here. We’ll see the rest of you at Webster Hall, 7:30 p.m. sharp! And remember: it’s *BYOM.

* Bring Your Own Moleskine