‘Jersey Shore’: What’s Up with the Situation’s Punk-Rock T-Shirt?


We admit it: sometimes we watch Jersey Shore — for purely anthropological reasons, we assure you. And as we were watching last night night’s episode, something struck us as totally odd. The boys of the show are world-famous for their interest in clothing. But their “T-shirt tiiiiiime” preferences usually run to the Ed Hardy-esque. So can someone please tell us what The Situation was doing last night in an Exploited — yes, the 30-year-old Scottish punk band — T-shirt? We’re sure this means the group licensed their name (and, judging by the back of the tee, their lyrics) to some awful brand. But what possessed The Situation to actually buy and wear a shirt emblazoned with the words “Street Punk” and a pair of skulls with mohawks? We may never know.