Which Google Office Is the Craziest?


Every time Google unveils a new office design, working stiffs everywhere respond with oohs and aahs and tons of jealousy. Their new space in Pittsburgh is no different, offering everything from steel accents inspired by the city’s industrial days to black-and-white murals to what (we think) is the coolest break room we’ve ever seen. But is it Google’s coolest office yet? After the jump, we compare it to some of its competition from across the country and around the world.

Google Pittsburgh

Just what our inner child has always wanted: a combination nap-time nook/ropes course.

And here’s a room for our 60-something British gentleman.

We know this is about Pittsburgh’s industrial past, but it does feel a little bit like working in a factory…

The crazy bridge mural and steel work on the right are cool, though.

This is pretty incredible, too. If only there were a way to get up there!

Designed by Strada. Images via Fast Co Design.

Google New York

That’s one way to spice up your cube farm.

With pool and air hockey, we’d never work.

Does your work cafeteria have a sushi station? Do you even have a cafeteria at work?

Every New Yorker wants a roof deck. But few dream of one this sweet.

Jousting isn’t really our thing, but we imagine this is the holy grail of nerd procrastination fodder.

Images via Google and Fresh Pics

Googleplex (Mountain View, CA)

Glass and steel, done well. [via]

There is sort of a mall food court vibe going on here, but this outdoor lunch spot still looks pretty sweet to us. Photo: Andy Kuno

Yup, they’ve got their own beach volleyball court. Photo: Andy Kuno

Model IKEA workplace or ultimate open office? Photo: Andy Kuno

Sure, they have a pool and fitness center. But is it wrong that we’re most jealous of their laundry room? Photo: Andy Kuno

All images except the first via Google.

Google Amsterdam

The international language of foosball.

An Amsterdam mural so realistic, we’d be tempted to wade into it.

This must be where they smoke…

Then they satisfy the munchies while gazing at the pretty, pretty tulips.

Somehow, these screens can make even a row of cubicles look MoMA-worthy.

All images via Google.

Google Moscow

Perhaps the most intimidating front desk of all time.

The café is a surprisingly successful mix of modern minimalism and old-world flourishes.

Is that AstroTurf?

In Soviet Russia, ping-pong plays you.

Welcome to the Winter Palace.

We’re surprised to say it, but the Moscow design might be our favorite. Which Google office do you like best?

All images via Google.