A "Dear Jon Letter" We Never Wanted to Write


Dear “Dr. Drew Baird,”

When we saw the paparazzi shots of you and Tina Fey filming a scene for 30 Rock, we hadn’t been that excited for the premiere of the real thing since the Sex and the City movie photos leaked (Syke! Those were annoying). Then when we watched the promo for your first appearance on the show, we died — actually — when you delivered the line “Sorry I smell like frosting. I just love to bake.” And when, finally, you came on to lure Liz Lemon with your ice cream maker and hot-doctor eyes, (Mad Men be damned) we hoped you’d stay forever.

But now you’re gone, and we’re almost OK with it — it was perfect while it lasted. You let Liz Lemon act like the crazy stalker woman anyone would inevitably turn into for you, and yet we still rooted for her. We loved the “bubble” plotline because it made the hot-or-normal divide both absurd and realistic, and we felt smart when your character didn’t use “ironic” correctly. Also: your motorcycle jacket.

Maybe you can come back in dream flashbacks? Kind of like how Jeffrey Dean Morgan is still on both Grey’s Anatomy and Weeds even though he’s dead? We didn’t think 30 Rock could get better and then you came along, so you should really come back. Not all guest stars are created equal (Salma Hayek seems to be phoning her performance in), and you’re definitely in the best guest star bubble. Maybe you can get Liz’s mail by mistake again? Pls? Thx. Until then, Flavorwire.