Thank You Notes to Authors


Our mothers always told us to write thank you notes. We tried, with varying degrees of success, to send cards thanking our aunts and uncles for their well-intentioned birthday gifts and write notes to our friends’ parents post-sleepover. But remember those kids who would always turn out immaculate thank you notes a day after they got the present? Not us. Oh well, we were good at different things. But Leah Dieterich is good at thank yous. Her blog, thxthxthx, is a “daily exercise in gratitude,” where she posts her witty, genuine thank you notes daily, acknowledging everything from wine to the noises her radiator makes. Here are a few of our favorite thank you notes — thank you notes to Dieterich’s favorite authors, of course. Don DeLillo, we hope you’re listening.

Dear Don DeLillo:

Dear Junot Diaz:

Dear Hubert Dreyfus and Sean Dorrance Kelly:

Dear Haruki Murakami:

Okay, we couldn’t help ourselves. Here are a couple more, not exactly to authors, but more to books in general. Look, just ask Mom, it’s not like you can have too many thank you notes.

Dear Infinite Jest:

Dear Books: