Video of the Day: Girl Walk // All Day


This is a video of a girl dancing her face off around, on and through the Staten Island Ferry, wearing what we can only imagine is an outfit picked out by a hipster and a middle schooler forced to compromise. She (and two somewhat more put-together gents) dances to Girl Talk blasting from speakers hidden around the Ferry in front of a pretty blase crowd of onlookers. It’s the perfect combination of so-embarrassing-for-them-you-can-barely-watch and actually really impressive. This nearly 8-minute video is part of a project to create an album-length music video to go along with Girl Talk’s newest album All Day, which is 71 minutes long. Well, sounds awesome, but we’ll believe it when we see it. Regardless, this girl’s got skills. But, wait, she also looks like a total crazy person. Needless to say, we love her.