The Best and Worst of Last Night’s SNL


As we all know, Saturday Night Live has had its highs and lows. Last night, Dana Carvey, who was around for many of the highs, came back and hosted, to somewhat mixed results. All in all, we liked it. But Dana Carvey, though shining at some points, dropped the ball a little bit, mostly failing at the new sketches he tried. Then again, Justin Bieber! So we liked it, and we hated it, too. Click through for the best and worst moments of the night.

Best: The Cold Open

Okay, we admit that we loved the cold open. After all, there’s nothing like Wayne and Garth to put a big smile on the faces of ’80s babies everywhere. The only downside, in our opinion, was that even with all the Winter’s Bone jokes, there was no “SCHWING!” Come on, guys, one schwing was going to kill you? Sigh.

Worst: Dana Carvey’s monologue before Jon Lovitz came on the stage.

Dana Carvey’s awkward jokes and half-musical number was falling a little flat before Lovitz came on. There were even moments where he was post-joke and no one was laughing, which is pretty bad when we know there are light up signs to tell the audience when to react. But then Lovitz appeared and suddenly everything was better. We’re not sure why, since they’re both brilliant comedians — maybe it’s just that even the kids who don’t remember the Carvey SNL days at least recognize Lovtiz from, like, Casino Jack or something.

Best: Church Chat

Carvey is at his best in roles like the prudish, pinched Church Lady, and he was certainly milking the reprise of his classic role for all it was worth. Also, Biebs on Church Chat! Biebs making the Chuch Lady’s naughty parts tingle. Biebs doing the superior dance. Best use of Biebs in media yet, we think. Isn’t that special.

Worst: Linkin Park

We doubt that Dana Carvey had even heard of Linkin Park before this. Unless his teenage sons are much lamer than we imagine. Also, seriously, what was going on with the second song, which was all in black and white? Seriously. Was it like that in real life?

Best: Weekend Update

Weekend Update was solid as always. Highlights:

Seth Meyers: “You can’t punch the handsome off Anderson Cooper.” and “Aw, you’re better than that, the Queen. But also… Long live the Queen!”

Paul Brittain as James Franco: “I like having jobs!” and “I haven’t slept in two years!”

Please, let Fake James Franco be a recurring character that pops up all over the show trying to do other people’s jobs. Please.

Worst: Teen Crisis Hotline

Come on you guys, we know you can do celebrity impressions. The fake screen tests for Back to the Future were a much better vehicle.