WTF Is Going On with Leighton Meester’s New Song “Front Cut”?


Leighton Meester hasn’t even released an album yet, but the Gossip Girl star may already have the most schizophrenic career in pop music. Her first single, “Somebody to Love,” was an R&B-flavored confection that kicked off with a “Vogue” rip-off. The next cut, “Your Love’s a Drug,” was diva-tastic dance-pop. And Meester recently put out a perfectly respectable country single, “Summer Girl,” from her movie Country Strong.

None of these will prepare you for “Front Cut,” her brand-new ode to bypassing the velvet rope. (Sample lyrics: “Don’t tell me I gotta wait in the line/ I said fuck the front door, I should go in through the side.”) The track has the woman best known as Blair Waldorf rapping — God help us all — sort of like Ke$ha but possibly with even more help from the studio, if that’s possible. It looks like we can blame Meester’s pal, Clinton Sparks, for writing, producing, and contributing some unintentionally funny vocals of his own to the song. Listen to it here, if morbid curiosity is your thing.