Quote of the Day: A journo may deny and deny and still write a puff piece.

“At no point was it tense. It was just like, ‘Yo, let’s have a real conversation. It’s just that thing where there is a respect. I’ve written about him enough times to where I’ve written things about him that he’s liked and things he hasn’t liked, but there’s a comfortability in our professional relationship. There’s always an issue with him feeling misunderstood by the media, but I think for him, this was an opportunity to do something that’s absolutely journalistically credible. It’s not a puff piece, but he has the comfort to have a forum to express himself in a way that he feels represents himself in the way he absolutely means.”

Complex Editor in Chief Noah Callahan-Bever talks to MTV News about his upcoming cover story on Kanye West (unlike MTV, we refuse to call him ‘Ye) — a piece which he calls the rapper’s most “self critical” yet. A few years back Callhan-Bever wrote a story about West for Vibe that created some rap lyric-worthy beef (“I realized that I arrived/ Because it takes more than a magazine to kill my vibe”), but now it sounds like the men are good friends, which we find just as weird. Maybe someone else at Complex should have taken this one?