Possibly-Better-Off Missed Connections [Reader Services]


In New York, love is lurking everywhere you turn — at museums uptown, in the crowd at live shows, and even in the depths of a secret Entenmann’s outlet in Queens that we’ve never heard of before now! Thanks to our weekly Cultural Missed Connections column, that shy hottie who was eying your plaid at the Morrissey concert can become so much more than just a brief eye lock. Or not. (Whatever happens, we love you.) After the jump a roundup of some of the week’s juiciest MCs along with our running commentary. And if you have a recent missed connection of your own, feel free to leave it in the comments and allow us to play cupid. We love that!

Yuka: We met at the MET, and I lost your number! – m4w – 29 (Upper East Side) Your name is Yuka. You’re a pretty japanese girl who just moved to the US to study English in Manhattan. I wrote your number on my museum floor plan, but threw it away accidentally when I got home (how silly of me). Tell me what you were wearing and what my occupation is. That will let me know that it’s really you.

This is so creepy.

Piano’s show on Friday – m4w (Lower East Side) You were screaming that _________ players are sexy, and even came up to me during my set to tell me this. You were dancing away as my band played. I didn’t get to talk to you after the show, though. Fill in the blank, and get in touch.

We like that he made this a game. And there are only so many instruments it could be…Muwahaha!

I met you at the japanther show – w4m – 22 (bodega) Its hard to find someone you just fall into nowadays. I know i was drunk…. and it was bad timing… but lets do that again? i wanted a chance to make it up to you. LOL. o.0 ew… sorry. you had an awesome 2 story loft bedroom thingy. lets make lots of whoopee… no brand new this time >.<

We have no idea what she did the last time she was in his “2 story loft bedroom thingy,” but we bet it was awful!

Morrissey at Bowery Ballroom: you had on a plaid shirt. – w4m (Chinatown / Lit Italy) To the tall handsome guy with dark hair wearing a yellow plaid shirt: Maybe you caught Mozzer’s shirt. Maybe you were just wearing a similar one. But I saw you wearing this incredible plaid shirt. You saw me looking at you and you looked back. We looked back and forth for a minute or two, and I was dying to come up and talk to you (“shyness is nice, but shyness will stop you…”) The odds are you seeing this are crazy, but if by some crazy chance, you do see this and remember the cute girl who was checking you out, this strange post will be worth it.

How emo.

museum of natural history – w4m I saw you near the mammoths and again in the dinosaurs hall.

There’s something oddly poetic about this one.

seth meyers, i hoped you were my blind date – w4m – 29 (Greenwich Village) we were staring at each other at the bar of Dell’anima. i thought you were cute and possibly my blind date-then realizing you were most likely the weekend update guy. i sat at the bar the whole time and think you were still there when i left. you’re a celeb and all, but let’s hang out!

So wait, what happened with the blind date? We’re going to wager that if this 29-year-old dodo really believes that Seth Meyers is going to read her Missed Connection and reach out to her, things did not go well. No worries. She can just call her pals Amy and Tina to talk about it.

Cut Copy – m4w – 27 (Midtown West) we were close but never side by side. we got high, slapped each other five. you had short dark hair and were wearing white. i was planning to say hi when the show ended and the crowd loosened, but suddenly you were gone.

“we got high, slapped each other five.” The modern day version of a first kiss?

Entenmann’s outlet 34th av 3/21 b/f 5 pm – w4m – 25 (Astoria) On Saturday around 4:45, on my way to the new Entenmann’s outlet on 34th Ave., I saw you, with thick dark brown hair and wearing a giant backpack, across the street and thought, “Wow, that guy is gorgeous!” Then, to my surprise, I found you on line in the store. You looked at me, with my Raspberry Danish Twist and OJ and wearing a leather jacket with long wavy brown hair, and I shyly looked away, racking my brain for something to say, although there were people on line between us. You had a bottle of Dasani and a box of donuts. (If it’s you, tell me what kind of donuts they were.) It would be amazing if you even see this, but if you do, it would be fun to say hi for real over some baked goods. : )

WTF? We had no idea there was such a thing as an Entenmann’s outlet?! This seems like a possible 30 Rock plot…