Your Image Seen by Millions


If you work in a visual medium, you’re probably wondering what it’s going to take to get people to look at your work. Well, for starters, how does a YouTube takeover and a billboard in Times Square sound?

We know you’re inspired and creative — that’s why you’re on Flavorpill. Now it’s time to prove it to the rest of the world. We’ve teamed up with Sony to launch a creative contest where the winner actually gets some unbelievable exposure: your image on a billboard in Times Square. Can you say “That’s me next to Diddy”?

You’re all familiar with Sony. Now create an image that best expresses their brand message — make.believe — and the statement Believe that anything you can imagine, you can make real. The Grand Prize winner will receive a $500 Sony Gift Card and have their image highlighted in a series of unique media experiences seen by millions — including an appearance on Sony’s Times Square billboard and feature placement in a masthead takeover on YouTube. And, of course, we’ll also profile you on Flavorwire.

What to do with your new-found fame? That’s up to you.