Flavorpill’s Official 2011 Grammy Awards Drinking Game


While it may be uncool to admit it, we’re pretty excited for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, which will air Sunday night on CBS. Performers range from gods of classic rock (Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger) to indie superstars (Janelle Monáe, Arcade Fire) to some actually interesting pop stars (Lady Gaga, Rihanna). And if those don’t get you going, how about the sheer spectacle of Cee Lo doing “Fuck You” with Gwyneth Paltrow and the Muppets?

For those of you who need even more encouragement to watch the awards — or would like to add an extra bit of fun to your viewing party — Flavorpill gives you our official 2011 Grammys drinking game. Enjoy at your own risk.

Take a drink whenever…

Lady Gaga does a costume change.

someone makes a joke about Christina Aguilera messing up the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

anyone is referred to as a “legend.”

the title of Cee Lo’s “Fuck You” has to be bleeped for TV.

the camera zooms in on Katy Perry’s boobs.

Jay-Z says something deep.

Finish your drink if…

the “Born This Way” performance involves people of all colors, sizes, genders, and sexual orientations making out.

one (or more) of the performers in the Aretha Franklin tribute cries.

Janelle Monáe totally upstages B.o.B. and Bruno Mars.

Eminem makes a comment he will need to apologize for later.

Barbra Streisand does something embarrassing in an attempt to seem hip and young.

Do a shot if…

Dr. Dre premieres new material while on stage with Eminem.

Justin Bieber doesn’t win Best New Artist.

The dude from Train is wearing an even sillier outfit than the one he wore to the AMAs.

Robyn wins Best Dance Recording for “Dancing on My Own.”

the camera ever lands on Laurie Anderson — who is actually nominated for Best Pop Instrumental Performance.

Finish the bottle if…

you see Rihanna and Chris Brown talk to each other or touch. (Don’t do it, RiRi!)

one of Lady Gaga’s outfits is made of food.

“Fuck You” wins Record of the Year.

Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs wins Album of the Year.