Video of the Day: The Black Keys Make A Howlin’ Movie Trailer


This is trailer for Howlin’ For You, a forthcoming Tarantino-style girl-on-girl desert ultra-violence flick filled with revenge porn, sexual conquests and macho one-liners. Just kidding, it’s the Black Keys’ new music video. But we thought it was pretty convincing, just toeing the line between too ridiculous to be real and actually relatively realistic, especially considering the kinds of movies that are coming out these days. There are cameos from the band, their dinosaur, and um, Shaun White and Diff’rent Strokes star Todd Bridges? Yep.

The only other music video we can think of in this arguable genre is the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” — and that one wasn’t nearly as convincing. No caramel-voiced narrator or actual actors, you see. There’s even a fake/actual IMDb page with a poster and stills from the film, its only giveaway that it’s awkwardly listed under both “TV” and “Music.” And, um, the one really bizarre user review. Click through to watch the sexy bloodbath and ogle The Black Keys in their mariachi costumes.