Good Buys: Lars von Trier’s Mobile Home


Hey there, families! Planning a big summer vacation? Hitting the road to see all the sights — but needing that perfect vehicle for the family getaway? Then allow us to direct you to eBay, item number 290534486341, a 1992 Dethleffs Advantage Mobilehome. The $150,000 price tag is a little steep, especially considering that it doesn’t have any air conditioning — which could be a little problematic during that August trip to the Grand Canyon. But it’s worth every penny, because the ’92 Dethleffs Advantage is the property of certifiably insane Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier.

That’s right, seller “zentropat” (get it?) is the twisted writer/director of Antichrist, Dogville, and Dancer in the Dark. Famously afraid of flying, von Trier used the trailer to travel to his locations and to drive from Denmark to France for his Cannes Film Festival premieres, which is cleverly mentioned in the seller’s description (“This Mobilehome has functioned as Lars’ only way of travel for a period of more than 10 years, and must until now [sic], be considered an integral of the VIP-parking at Cannes Film Festival”).

More distressingly, the description notes, “some of Lars’ biggest ideas went from idea to script in this vehicle” — but don’t worry, mom and dad, surely he’s taking those thoughts of brutal rape and genital mutilation with him. Why, there’s probably nothing scary about this item at all! Just ask von Trier: “Looking forward to get rid of the smell of Diesel. Hope a potential buyer likes this smell, as Diesel has been poured over the floor several times.” Oh dear.

For the record, the $150,000 is the “buy it now” price; bids are currently at $54,000 (a bargain at twice the price, if you ask us). But be advised, shipping from Denmark is your responsibility — or you might want to pick it up in person, if only to enjoy some of its owner’s warmth and good humor (see below). And fair warning: you’ve only got until February 21st to make your purchase. Happy buying!

[via Vulture]