Rate-a-Trailer: James Wan’s ‘Insidious’


The release of a new film from the director of Saw isn’t necessarily cause for celebration; whatever your thoughts on that somewhat game-changing horror tentpole, its never-ending sequels have — to put it charitably — softened the brand. To his credit, director James Wan only helmed the first installment, but his follow-ups — the murderous-ventriloquist-dummy tale Dead Silence and the Kevin-Bacon-as-Charles-Bronson thriller Death Sentence — both crashed and burned.

However, his latest effort, Insidious, is a collaboration with producers Oren Peli, Jason Blum, and Steven Schneider —the team responsible for the surprisingly taut, genuinely scary Paranormal Activity. (We’ll not talk about Paranormal Activity 2 for now.) And we’ve gotta say, the trailer for this Poltergeist-style haunting chiller looks pretty decent. It’s got Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne in the leads, some solid character actors in supporting roles (hey there, Barbara Hershey!), and we’d be lying if we didn’t admit this two-minute teaser gave us a mild case of the creeps. Click through to check it out, and let us know if you agree in the comments.