Google Street View + Street Art = Street Art View


When art, tech, and crowdsourcing come together, magical things can happen. At that intersection is Street Art View, a project that collects and maps images of street art collected around the world on Google Street View. A collaboration between Red Bull and the Brazilian ad agency Loducca, it includes photos from around the world; although a large plurality come from Brazil, the U.S. and Europe are also well-represented. You can search SAV for a specific location or artist (a limited list including Banksy, Blu, Keith Haring, and a few others), browse in a particular region, or add and tag an image from your neighborhood. As long as the entries are kept reasonably up to date, SAV could double as a great tool for planning your next street art-appreciation outing. Check out a few of our favorite pieces after the jump.

Banksy in São Paulo

Os Gêmeos in Brooklyn

Keith Haring in Manhattan

[via ArtInfo]