If You Danny McBride It, We Will Watch [Industry Roundup]


Shocking news (OK, not really): The MPAA is hoping their healthy 2008 box office numbers will fly under the radar so that all of us poor folk don’t hate on them. [Variety]

The first Where the Wild Things Are trailer should be online today!!! (It showed up on TV after today’s Ellen.) [Cinematical] Update: The trailer is now up, complete with an Arcade Fire track and fun fonts.

Sir Anthony Hopkins might take on the role of Papa in Hemingway & Fuentes, an indie flick that will be written and directed by Andy Garcia. (Note: this is the second Hemingway biopic currently in the works. We told you about the first here.) [THR]

The latest in film blogger Nikki Finke’s battle with the mainstream media: “Since I did not sign a non-disclosure agreement, I am free to tell Hollywood the following: On February 27th, Neil Stiles, the president and publisher of Variety Group, called me saying Reed Business Information CEO Tad Smith was pushing him to discuss an acquisition of my site.” The sour grapes graphic is pretty hilarious. [DHD]

Observe and Report director Jody Hill is talking about a Foot Fist Way spin-off: “sort of like Boogie Nights where it spans the ’70s and ’80s, back when Chuck Norris was [big] and they were first televising martial arts.” If Danny McBride it, we will watch. [ /film]

Blockbuster and TiVo hop in bed to deliver digital movies; no money will change hands between the companies. [NYT]