Twitter Reviews Radiohead’s ‘King of Limbs’


The deafening sound you heard across the internet this morning was the thump of Radiohead dropping their new album, King of Limbs, a day early. And those frantic squeaks and scampers that came after? Oh, that was every music critic in the English-speaking world dropping everything to download it and get a review written, stat. But thankfully, we don’t have to wait a whole, frustrating three or four hours to find out what pop culture pundits have to say about the album — because, thank God, we have Twitter. After the jump, we round up reactions from music crits, authors, comedians, and even one of our favorite faux Twitter accounts. And you know what? None of them seem particularly floored. Let us know what you think about King of Limbs in the comments.

Slate critic Jody Rosen’s reaction would make a great #slatepitch:

Colson Whitehead recommends the album to your parents:

Ultragrrrl reminds you that every new Radiohead release is a lesson in personal branding:

Music crit Sean Fennessy is making some pretty damn accurate calls:

Fake MTA accurately describes everyone’s morning commute from Brooklyn:

Meanwhile, Pitchfork staffer Tom Breihan points out an Aphex Twin influence:

The Village Voice‘s Zach Baron suggests the Fail Whale as a possible inspiration:

Music writer Rachel Maddux isn’t feeling it… or is she feeling exactly what she’s supposed to be feeling?

Michael Ian Black says it so you don’t have to:

… and Chuck Klosterman kills your buzz:

Point taken, Klosterman, but isn’t this sort of their own fault?