Fine Art Intrigue: Strange News Stories From Around the Globe


Two men play everything from bossa nova to Mozart using an old car as their instrument of destruction in new stage production in Berlin. This has us wondering what would happen if you took a sledgehammer to KITT.[Spiegel]

A popular new art museum in Munich that specializes in political graffiti was formerly a public outhouse. We doubt it can compare to CBGB’s bathroom. [CBC]

A Russian musician out on bail after being arrested for peddling hundreds of fake antique violins hung himself after police raided his apartment. He made an estimated £750,000 thanks to the scam. [Scotsman]

A controversial new art show featuring paintings of Muslim women in provocative poses has required the West London gallery hosting the exhibit to seek round the clock police surveillance. The show’s cheeky title? “This Artist Blows.” [The Independent]

The developers behind Capital Gate, a new 35-story tower in Dubai that leans four times more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, have submitted an application to the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS to secure the enviable position of the “most inclined building in the world.” [World Architecture News]