When Life Imitates Video Games: The Best Real-World Reenactments


In every geeky gamer’s life, there comes a time where he realizes he really, really needs to stop playing video games and get outside. Sometimes the fresh air and sunlight isn’t enough to set ’em straight, though — in fact, we’ve found an almost alarming number of real-life video game recreations, from life-sized Tetris with human pieces to supermarket rounds of Pac Man. Below, check out our favorite off-screen video game love letters, which are precisely 35% awesome, 15% disturbing, and 50% “How on earth does anybody have that much free time?”

Real Life Mario Kart

Actualized Angry Birds

Human Tetris

Pac Man: Supermarket Edition

Creating Donkey Kong Country

BONUS: Scrubs’ human Space Invaders