Weekly Reader: WONDERFUL WORLD by Javier Calvo


A few years ago Sarah Weinman thought she was going to have a career in science, possibly of the forensic variety. But then she launched the crime and mystery fiction blog Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind as a way of procrastinating on her master’s thesis, and it literally changed her life’s path.

We can respect that.

We also respect her opinions on books across all genres, so much so that we’ve asked Weinman to recommend a new one for you to check out each Wednesday. (It’s amazing that she finds the time. The woman read 462 books last year.)

Learn more about her latest pick — an English-language debut that might just leave you dizzy — after the jump, and leave us your review in the comments if you’ve already read it.

Wonderful World by Javier Calvo “A young man loses his father, battles wits with his mother and must attempt a life of crime to redeem himself. A twelve-year old girl declares herself to be the head of a Stephen King fan club, all the while waiting (and promoting!) a brand new work by the master, parts of which are ‘excerpted; in the book. There are forgers and thieves who dub themselves ‘The Club of We Don’t Like the Sun.’ And that’s hardly scratching the surface. WONDERFUL WORLD is a crazy, kinetic kaleidoscope of blended genres, madcap adventures and frenetic situations that it should make the reader dizzy. But there’s a weird sort of order, and when the string holding things together is followed, it makes for a magical ride.”

– Sarah Weinman