Quote of the Day: Outspoken Tom Morello Not Big on Twitter

“There’s a whole secret world of digital communication that I am wholly blind to. I have enough trouble changing the batteries in my effects pedal. I had dinner with friends the other night and they were talking about Tweeting, and it was like teaching a dog to drive a car. I understand that people do it. Somehow we got along before Twittering, and we may get along after Twittering… One of the things that — I won’t say I necessarily subscribe to this — but one of the things I enjoyed about bands growing up was there was a sense of mystique about them. I didn’t know what they were eating in catering at their gig every day as they Twittered it to me. Maybe there’s something to be said about that.”

– Former Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello reveals to the LA Times’ Choire Sicha that he’s not so Internet-savvy. He also doesn’t file share due to his technical limitations. We can’t speak for Sicha, but we would have judged him. And then tweeted about it.