Is The ‘Hesher’ Trailer a Crush Killer?


Remember that film from that last year’s Sundance Film Festival that starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rainn Wilson, and Natalie Portman? No, not ringing any bells? That’s because for the past two years Spencer Susser’s Hesher has been waiting for distribution, but now, thanks to what Vulture calls “the Natalie Portman” effect, is scheduled to come out in April. Here’s what you need to know about the plot: A 13-year-old boy is dealing with the devastation of his mother’s death, and his depressed father (Wilson) is totally useless. Gordon-Levitt plays an Andrew W.K. lookalike who inserts himself into the family’s home, and Portman is the supermarket checkout lady with ugly glasses who the boy falls for. Click through to check it out, but be warned: it might look like a quiet indie movie at first, but there’s a lot of fire, destruction, and child on child violence by the end of the trailer.