Yes We Can — Find a Way To Make Even Halloween Decorations Political


File this under surreal moments in this crazy election season — in the same mental spot where you store SARAH PALIN raising the roof during her appearance on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’s “Vote in a Box” viral video.

BOING BOING pointed us to a new Web site called and it’s your go-to spot for downloadable instructions on how to make your very own Barack O’Lantern.

We can’t imagine this happening four years ago with JOHN KERRY. Do you think this is a tribute to BARACK OBAMA’s celebrity or a sign that people are so desperate for change that they’re willing to spend hours carving a pumpkin?

Either way, we haven’t spotted any John O’Lanterns yet. Scalpel beats hatchet.

Does anyone else feel oddly inspired?