WTF of the Day: Eggs Raised with a Soundtrack


Foodies of every stripe understand the differences between all kinds of eggs — organic vs. free-range vs. cage-free vs. humane. But here’s one they probably haven’t covered yet: music eggs. At the mellifluously named Ching Hing Musical Farm in Hong Kong, farmer Fong Chi-hung plays his chicks “age-appropriate” music, progressing from “soft love songs” for the first two weeks to “faster-paced disco” in the final half of their first month. According to the Wall Street Journal , by the time they start laying eggs at 20 weeks, stereo systems in their coops play a variety of music at “club-like volume levels, so it’s hard to hold a conversation.”

Now, there is a method to this madness: When chickens can focus on a steady rhythm instead of stray, ambient noise, they’re “less stressed” and produce better eggs. As a result, Fong’s ova have bigger, darker yolks. But the difference will cost you — about nine times as much as your standard egg. [Photo credit: Amy Ma/WSJ. Via The Daily Swarm]