Celebrity Endorsements: 10 Delightfully Strange Vintage Ads


While the delivery methods might be more inventive these days (ahem, Twitter), the idea of celebrity endorsements is nothing new. In fact, if anything has changed over the past few decades, we’d say that today’s stars must have better publicists/managers/image consultants/etc., because for the most part their brand choices make some kind of sense — at least in comparison. After the jump, find a suited up Woody Allen crawling out of a gigantic conch shell for a taste of Smirnoff, Sammy Davis, Jr. stuffing Alka Seltzer into his Christmas stocking, and a very serious looking Bogey shilling boxed chocolates.

Groucho Marx for Frosted Flakes [via]

Sammy Davis, Jr. for Alka Seltzer [via]

Lucille Ball for Philip Morris [via]

Vincent Price for Sun Giant Raisins [via]

Alfred Hitchcock for Western Union [via]

Woody Allen for Smirnoff [via]

Bill Cosby for Texas Instruments [via]

Jerry Lewis for Consolidated Paper [via]

Rodney Dangerfield for Pilot Pens [via]

Humphrey Bogart for Whitman’s Chocolate [via]