Open Letter to MTV Networks: Grow a Pair and Don’t Ruin Election Day


When we read this report on Deadline Hollywood Daily that Viacom’s MTV NETWORKS planned to announce major layoffs on Election Day we were disgusted by their passive aggressive effort to get buried in the news cycle,

Come on MTV. You are brave enough to air a show like THE HILLS and assert with a straight face that it’s reality TV, but you feel the need to hide belt-tightening at your company that’s happening across the board in entertainment media? It’s almost as immature as talking smack about your roommates in The Confessional and then being nice to their faces.

According to our inside source, the Election Day story might not be true, but the real scoop is equally lame: “I’ve been hearing a lot about layoffs at Viacom overall — both at MTV/Nickelodeon and at Viacom as a whole; I’ve been told that their plan is to lay off a few people each day until the end of the year.”

In other words, you get to watch all of your work buddies get laid off one by one, feel like a jerk for not getting the ax and give yourself an ulcer worrying about your own fate until the holidays.

Is it just us, or does that sound just as much fun as slowly pulling off a Band-Aid? Does anyone know what is really going on here?