Awesome Infographic: Radiohead Songs, Graphed by Genre


For over a decade now, it’s been impossible to refer to Radiohead as simply a “rock band.” The influences that drive Thom Yorke and co. range from vintage pop to musique concrète, and it’s always fascinating to hear what comes together on each new release. That’s why we’re so smitten with this infographic by Jamie Gurnell, in which he places every Radiohead song, from Pablo Honey to The King of Limbs, on a continuum of genres (jazz, indie, folk, electronic, etc.). Fans interested in buying the graph can look forward to 30” x 30” silk screens sometime in the future.

“I am aware that this graph will come under scrutiny and be the brunt of harsh remarks,” Gurnell writes, “but in a way, that is what it is meant to do. It is meant to be discussed. It is an ongoing work in progress and until Radiohead stops making music it will never be finished.” So, let’s get this conversation going. Do you agree with the chart? Click here to see a larger version. [via Green Plastic Radiohead]