Video of the Day: John Waters Is a Belieber


We are eternally grateful to the folks at Prefix for alerting us to our patron saint John Waters’s incredible appearance on Craig Ferguson last night. The entire interview is gold: Waters gave us his suggestions for the Academy Awards (“Why isn’t Lil Wayne singing the Toy Story 3 song?”), lamented the “pubic hair generation gap,” and opined, “I’m for the rights of bad lesbian mothers.”

But perhaps Waters’s most shocking stance of the evening was this: “There’s no better movie than the Justin Bieber movie… He’s a child prodigy. He’s like Shirley Temple!” Well, they did pose for a wonderful photo together a few months ago. Also, he thought that when the Beliebers do their “heart thing” at his shows, “they meant their vagina. I was shocked because their mothers were doing it.” Watch both parts of the interview after the jump.