Exclusive: Mister Saturday Night Grills Egyptian Lover


This week our friends from NYC party mainstay Mister Saturday Night bring you a lineup that includes Egyptian Lover (Greg Broussard) — an LA-based old-school hip-hop and electro legend for his King Tut-walk dance moves and his heavy beats. After the jump, Justin Carter (one half of the MSN crew) interviews Broussard about ’80s New York, gold lamé outfits, and the craziest thing he’s ever seen on stage. Warning: that part’s not for the kiddies. See you at Santos’ Party House!

Justin Carter: This Saturday’s performance at Mister Saturday Night is only the third time you’ve ever played live in New York. The first time was just a little over two years ago despite the fact that you’ve been making music since the early ’80s. Why did it take you so long to make your way over from Los Angeles?

Egyptian Lover: I have no idea, you would have to ask the East Coast Promoters that question. It’s really sad that I just started coming to New York. [Thanks to the Internet] promoters can now get in touch with me. I guess better late than never!

JC: Even though you didn’t play back then, you did come to New York back in the early eighties, right? What are the biggest differences you see between New York then and now?

EL: The city is a bit cleaner today than in the early ’80s and now more a friendly, innovative, tourist spot with all the needs for every single person. I am so glad I have come back to see the East Coast today. New York is a Beautiful City. I Love it!

JC: You and your cohort Jamie Jupiter have a pretty involved stage show. Give us a little verbal sneak preview.

EL: Jamie Jupiter and I do all our Dance Moves from back in the ’80s and we put on a High Energy Old School show to keep up with my High Energy Beats. We have a lot of fun on stage and really Love what we do. We just keep it Old School.

JC: Who choreographs the King Tut-walk dance moves, and who picks out the gold lamé outfits?

EL: We both pick clothes and make up the Moves, But Jamie is the true Clothes Guy. He use to sell them back in the day. So he always knows what’s Hot!!!

JC: Moodymann, another freaky fellow, is playing Mister Saturday Night on the same night you’re playing. Here’s one of his jams. How would you rate his freakiness on a scale of one to ten?

EL: I Like That! Sounds like something I would have made. Oh but Yes that is a 10.

JC: What’s the freakiest thing that ever happened at a party your were playing?

EL: Once we gave a $1,000 Freaky Dance contest and it came down to the final 2 girls. One girl stripped down to her thong and the crowd went wild, she turned around, bent over and showed her stuff, and I do mean showed!!! Not to be outdone, the next girl stripped down to her panties, ripped and tore them off, danced for about 5 seconds turned around to show her stuff but noticed a bottle on the stage and shoved the long neck coke bottle inside her. I was only 18 years old at the time and my eyes almost fell out my head. And Yes… She Won!