Some Sad News for You Lazy Facebook Stalkers


Earlier this week Dan Loewenherz launched Breakup Notifier, a slightly creepy new Facebook app that would send users an email whenever the person who they like changes their relationship status. Evidently there are 3.6 million people out there who thought that this sounded like a good idea, and downloaded it. Unfortunately for those lethargic stalkers (seriously, how much effort does it take to pull up someone’s profile?), Facebook has inexplicably decided to dump Breakup Notifier, while also putting Loewenherz’s personal account on hold. TechCrunch thinks the former may have something to do with the app’s “large number of API calls,” which is a fancy way of saying that it’s simply way too popular. How much do you want to bet that Facebook is working on their own version of Loewenherz’s app right now?